Refurbished Notebooks, Desktops and Servers…

We recently have gotten an opportunity to sell Refurbished Computer products through Xperien and therefore we can provide our clients and customers with a budget friendly refurbished desktop, notebook or server – All products purchased include 12 months warranty, however can be upgraded to 2 years.

Additional extras are also available like monitors and so on.

Refurbished Desktops Available

itemOur PriceProduct Code
Hp 800 G5, 8gb dd4, 256gb ssd, windows 11 proR7600.00xperien-hp800g5
Hp 400 G5, 8gb ddr4, 256gb ssd, windows 11 proR6899,95xperien-hp400g5
Hp 800 G3 6th gen i5 8gb mem 512gb hd windows 10 proR4750,00xperien-hp800g3
Hp 800 G2 6th gen i5 8gb ddr3 256gb hdd windows 10 proR4250,00xperien-hp800g2
Hp 400 G2 Tower – 4th gen i7 8gb ddr3 256gb ssd windows 10 proR3800,00xperien-hp400g2
Hp 600 G2 Tower 6th gen i3 8gb ddr3 256gb ssd windows 10 proR3600,00xperien-hp600g2
Hp 800 G1 4th gen i5 8gb ddr3 240gb ssd windows 10 proR3500.00xperien-hp800g1
Hp 600 G1 4th gen i5 8gb ddr4 256gb hdd, windows 10 proR3600.00xperien-hp600g1
Hp Amd Pro A8 SFF 8gb ddr4 256 gb hdd, windows 10 proR3300.00xperien-amdproa8
Hp 600 g1 4th gen tower 8gb ddr4 256gb ssd windows 10 R3000.00xperien-hp600g1t
Add a 19 inch Lcd Monitor R800.00xperien-19″scr
Hp8000 Elite Pro – 4gb ddr3 500gb hdd – dvd drive windows 7 proR1600.00xperien-hp8000-w7
hp8100 Elite Pro – i5 1st gen 4gb ddr3 500gb win10 proR2500.00xperien-hp8100-i5

I will be adding a dedicated category in our store, from which the above machines can be purchased, if you’d like to order/purchase a machine on the list – please contact me.